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making money home base business ideas These free Internet advertising methods are the best free Internet advertising methods that I have found.
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Top 3 Traffic Generation Techniques

Here are my top 3 traffic generation techniques that have consistently brought in hundreds of targeted visitors to my website everyday.

Traffic generation technique #1 - Getting listed on Google

To get listed on Google you need to build your own website. You will need a domain name, web hosting and web design software. Alternatively, you can get Stone Evan's to build you a website free of charge.

Getting listed on Google will result in lots of quality free traffic to your website.

Step 1. Find popular key terms related your website using the search term suggestion tool.

Step 2. Check if your key terms have a lot of competition. Google ranks each website's importance from 1-10 according to how many popular websites are linking back to it. It displays each webpage's ranking on the Google toolbar. You can download the Google toolbar here:

Search for your key terms using the Google toolbar and if the top 5 results have a Google PageRank of 5 or less, you should be able to compete and get the top spot.

Step 3. When you have 2 or 3 good key terms, use them in your website's title, in the heading, in the body text and in the link text of your website.

Step 4. Swap links with other websites. You want your link to appear on as many webpages as possible that have a Google PageRank of 4 or higher. Create a new page on your website to include links to your link partners’ websites and swap links with as many high ranking websites as you can.
Make sure you have your key terms in the link text of your partner's websites. Google will find your links on other popular websites and list your website at the top of the search engine for the keywords you chose.

Traffic generation technique #2 - Article submissions

Get your website published in hundreds of ezines and websites around the world for free. Simply write an informative article related to your business and send it out to ezine publishers, article announcement lists and websites that accept article submissions. If you include a small ad for your website at the bottom of each article, you're guaranteed to get hundreds of visitors to your website who already respect you and are ready to buy! There are thousands of places on the Internet that accept articles. Searching for "submit an article" on Google returned 3,930,000 results! That should keep you busy for a while ;-)

Traffic generation technique #3 - Pay per click search engines

You can bid on keywords related to your website and get a guaranteed listing in the search engines. You only pay the amount you bid if someone reads your website's description and actually clicks through to your website. Many pay per click search engines start bids at $0.01 per click. That's 100 targeted visitors for only $1! Better still, many pay per click search engines offer free advertising credits just for trying them out. Do a search for "free pay per click search engines" and tap into to this unlimited source of traffic today.

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