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If you're not tracking Website visitors, you'll never know which advertising methods are working for you and you'll waste a lot of time or money advertising in places that don't produce results.

For tracking Website visitors, you need to add a web tracking counter to your pages.

I recommend using a free Website tracking counter called Site Meter. Not only does it track how many visitors are coming to your website, it also gives you useful statistics about where your visitors are coming from.

Website tracking counters will only work if you have your own website. This means you can not add a web counter to your assigned affiliate program website. This is because you must paste a piece of html code to the bottom of your own webpage. Site meter will give you this code for free when you sign up.

When you have your Website tracking counter working, all you have to do is add a "?" to the end of your web address followed by a word or number that reminds you which site you posted your link to.

For example, to track an ad from a classified site, I would use the following web address Now when I check my Site Meter stats page, I can view how many people entered my site through the "classad1" web address.

One of the major problems with the web addresses that affiliate programs supply is that you can't track your advertisements. SFI Marketing Group has over come this problem to some degree but you are still far better off having your own webpage.

For SFI Marketing Group affiliates, you can track where your affiliate signups are coming from by using keycodes. My assigned SFI Marketing Group Web address is By adding a number from 1 - 999 to this address, I can find out where my referrals are coming from. For example, if I assigned the key code 25 to the address I used for an ezine ad, It would look like this: and SFI would tell me how many affiliates came from the keycode 25.

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