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1. Tap Into the Exploding Global Market of the Internet.
The Internet is global. Worldwide. Exploding. By 2003, over 500 million people worldwide are projected to be on the Internet. You can easily start your own Internet business and make money from home. Many smart business people have started their own Internet business with this system. And this is just the beginning!

2. Start an Internet business with Minimal Expenses
Thanks to the Internet, your business expenses are minimal. Using the powerful system and SFI's exclusive co-op advertising system, its never been easier or more affordable to make money online.

3. Build a Global Network of Success-Oriented Business Partners Worldwide.
As a partner on our global marketing team, you will associate with entrepreneurs, architects, doctors, engineers, investors, business people, teachers, secretaries, computer enthusiasts, managers, business owners, mothers, students, construction workers, housewives and people of all walks of life -- globally!

4. A Global Income is a Secure Income.
As the world becomes more global, the economy of one nation can affect the financial situation of all other countries. You can see that happening in the world right now. By having your income come from many countries -- no matter where you live, you will have a more steady and secure income.

With over 8 million affiliates in more than 200 countries, SFI Marketing Group is the top rated home business opportunity on the Internet. Join SFI now and start your own Internet business for free! You'll be surprised how easy it is to build an extremely profitable Internet business and earn a full-time income from home.

start an Internet business

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