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Register a Domain Name - The first thing you need if you want to start a successful Internet business is your own domain name. Click the link above to search for a your website's name.

Get a Web Hosting Account - You need a webhost to store your webpages files.

Build Your Webpages - This free software makes building webpages easy! Write your webpages like you would in a word processor. To create hyperlinks, you simply highlight the text you want linked, click "add a link"  and enter the web address. Save your webpages as .html files and name your main page index.html.

Upload Your Webpages - You need this free File Transfer Protocal (FTP) software to upload your webpages to the Internet. Just enter the FTP address that your web host gives you to log into your file directory.

Start an Email Newsletter - You need an email newsletter to capture the name and email address of your website visitors in case they don't buy from you on their first visit. The link above provides you with a free automatic email system that sends out your pre-written messages at pre-defined intervals.

Set Up a Tracking System - This link provides you with a free website tracking system that allows you to see how many visitors you're getting and where they're coming from.

Market Your Website - The most important aspect of your Internet business is your marketing plan. The link above provides you with a 30 day plan of action that will guarantee you get hundreds of targeted visitors to your website everyday.


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