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These letters are used for promoting the SFI Marketing Program. If you are not a member of SFI, click here to join FREE NOW

Send the follow-up letters below to your prospects who have specifically asked for more information about SFI.

Follow these steps.

Step 1. Get yourself a free follow-up autoresponder by clicking here.

Step 2. Go to your auto responder, select 'message control'. Add each of the letters below with the interval between letters set at 2 days.

Step 3. Edit the html code of the letters by exchanging my name, email address and SFI website URLs with your own. Don't change anything except these three things. The autoresponder will add your prospect's names automatically.

Step 4. Go to 'add leads' in your auto responder and add your own name and email address to test it (don't use the address that you used when you signed up with freeautobot).

Step 5. Check your email. If the message looks like it should, add your prospect's names and email addresses using the 'add leads' section.

If you need help setting up your autoresponder, click here to email me.


Letter 1

Subject: <%First_Name%>, Info you requested about a home business. Please read.


Letter 2

Subject: <%First_Name%>, Have You Set Up Your Free Account Yet? It is FREE

Letter 3

Subject: <%First_Name%>, Expandable commission base and how it works

Letter 4

Subject: <%First_Name%>, Your Affiliate Account Requires Activation A.S.A.P. !!!

Letter 5

Subject: Still Not Convinced Yet? <%First_Name%>, Please Read!

Letter 6

Subject: Hi <%First_Name%>, You Must Have Questions ?

Letter 7

Subject: What IAHBE Can Do For You, <%First_Name%>

Letter 8

Subject: <%First_Name%> are you Paying Too Much For Long Distance?

Letter 9

Subject: <%First_Name%>, Register your domain before someone else does!

Letter 10

Subject: Introducing VERIUNI Cleaners an SFI exclusive!

Letter 11

Subject: <%First_Name%>, Introducing Veriuni Health Products, an SFI exclusive!

Letter 12

Subject: <%First_Name%>, Introducing US Merchant Services.

Letter 13

Subject: <%First_Name%> time is running out..............

Letter 14

Subject: <%First_Name%>, Did you have any questions?


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