IAHBE - International Association of Home business Entrepreneurs


The IAHBE: What Is It?

IAHBE stands for the International Association of Home Business Entrepreneurs. It is an organization that champions the home-business lifestyle and provides its members with a multitude of resources designed to achieve maximum home-business success.

Each month, IAHBE members receive:


  • Free Leads to help you build your business
  • Book-of-the-Month
    (featuring titles especially selected for home-business owners)
  • Audio Seminar
  • Over 20 exclusive interviews with top home business experts
  • Magazine-of-the-Month
    (full 1-year subscriptions to top magazines for entrepreneurs like Fast Company, INC, Business 2.0, Money Magazine, and more)
  • Over $120 in Special Monthly Free Bonuses
  • Special Reports
  • Marketing Tip-of-the-Day
  • Windows Software-of-the-Month
  • Mac Software-of-the-Month
  • Daily motivational messages
  • Select Business Newsletters
  • For IAHBE members who are also SFI Marketing Group affiliates...special SFI resources, articles, and marketing tools.
  • AND MORE!!

IAHBE- International Association of Home Business Entrepreneurs
Each month, members receive the IAHBE "MoneyPak." Many of the items listed at the left are contained in the MoneyPak and the rest are available from the member's website.
"In all, IAHBE members receive OVER $240 in powerful business-building resources each month!"

But it doesn't stop there.

IAHBE members ALSO receive a subscription to Six-Figure Income Magazine (normally $49/year) and the Marketing Rights for the Smart Customer card (another $49 value)!

That's still not all!

New members also receive a fantastic "IntroPak" that, in addition to other goodies, includes certificates redeemable for over $800 in FREE BONUSES* including:

12 FREE issues of Home Business Connection Magazine ($28.00 value) - FREE access to SFI's powerful CONTACT MANAGER. Contact Manager gives you the power to do automatic ("autoresponder") messaging and fast, efficient "1-click" communications with your entire SFI marketing team (normally $239/year).
FREE Copy of the book The Home Business Revolution's Greatest Entrepreneurs, Volume 1 ($17.95 value)   -
FREE Key Coding, an invaluable service for tracking your advertising and maximizing your marketing results on the Internet (normally $95/year)   FREE copy of the audio cassette "Underpaid & Overtaxed." Learn how to set up your home business to legally slash huge amounts off your tax bill. ($9.95 value)
10 FREE leads from Cutting Edge Media. Get your business into high gear with a free sampling of leads from one of the most highly regarded leads sources in the industry. ($30.00 value)   Certificate redeemable for $50 off Jack Zufelt's Conquering Force Audio Program
-   $50 off an ad in a Cutting Edge Media card deck
$25 off postcard printing   AND MORE!!
*small shipping & handling fee required on some items.

Try the IAHBE for 30 days with NO RISK!

Your purchase of an IAHBE membership (just $29.95 --less than a dollar a day) comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee of satisfaction.

For a full 30 days from your order date, you can check out all the IAHBE benefits, tools, training, and resources with NO OBLIGATION.

If at the end of 30 days you're not delighted with your membership, just return the MoneyPak for a full refund minus your shipping/handling fee (if any).

Regardless of your decision, you KEEP the that came with your membership as our way of saying thanks for trying out the IAHBE. In other words, the WORST that can happen is you wind up with OVER $800 in free bonuses!! Yes, that's how confident we are that you're going to love the IAHBE.


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