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Here are a few tips and tricks to make using your computer a bit easier.

Using Your Web Browser

Your web browser is the software that allows you to access web pages on the Internet. The most popular ones are Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator. The methods shown here are for Internet Explorer. They are both fairly similar.

Web browsers have an address bar at the top of the screen where you enter the URL of a web page you want to visit. If you enter the web page URL of a search engine such as, and press enter you will be taken to Yahoo's home page. From there you can search for any page on the Internet using key words.

It is possible to work in multiple browser windows at once by opening your browser and pressing "Ctrl N". You can also open a webpage in a new window by clicking your right mouse button on a hyperlink and choosing the option "Open in New Window".  This makes it possible to work in several places at once saving you a lot of time. To move between browser windows, just click the boxes in the tool bar at the bottom of your screen.

If you want to save webpages to view at a later date, you can add them  to the Favorites or Bookmark folder. These folders are located in a drop down menu at the top of your screen. To save webpages in different categories, choose "Organize Favorites" from the "Favorites" drop down menu, then click "create folder". To add a webpage to your favorites, choose "Add to Favorites" from the "Favorites" drop down menu and pick the folder/category that you want to put it in.

To set the "home page" that loads every time you open your browser, click the "tools" drop down menu and select "Internet Options". From there you can enter the website URL of your choice.

Cutting, pasting and saving text

To select all or part of the text on a web page either hold your left mouse button down and drag the cursor over the text you want to select, or press "Ctrl A" to select all of the text on a web page. To copy the text press "Ctrl C". Then open a text editor such as Word or Notepad, and press "Ctrl V" to paste. To save the file, press "Alt F"; choose "save as" from the menu; name your file; choose the folder you want to put it in and click "Save".

Organizing folders

It is wise to have a folder on your computer specifically for your business files where you can save all your information. To do this; click the "My Computer" icon on your desk top; choose your hard drive directory (usually C:); press "Alt F"; hover over "new" and choose "folder" from the menu. You can also put different categories in this new folder clicking on the new folder and following the same procedure.


It is a good idea to have 3 email addresses when doing business on the Internet - a personal email address, a business email address and a junk email address.

Use your personal email address for friends and people you trust. Use your business address to save important information such as membership details and business emails. Use your junk email address for advertising sites and places that ask for your email address to access their site. These type of sites may sell your email address or send you bulk automatic emails, which can lead to your email box filling up with junk mail and being cancelled.

I recommend getting a few free web based email addresses from Yahoo or Hotmail. Yahoo has 6mb of storage and Hotmail has 2mb.

You can add folders to these web based email websites in order to store messages that you want to keep. It's a good idea to put your emails in several different categories to make them easier to find.

You will need to log into your free web based email accounts at least once per month to avoid your address being cancelled and your stored messages deleted.

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